Saturday, December 19, 2015

42 centers - first ones done!

"Thank you for sharing your favorite way!
I think it might be mine now too!"
Well, I tried the new version I give it five out of five needles
I was nice to have a mari at the ready; however, the
marking took longer than it should because
I had to contend with three cats and a puppy. 
Hubby helped. I’ll probably just finish it as an overall
flax pattern and have an idea how jazz it up a bit.

I have compiled the directions from this stitch along into one pdf. If you would like a copy to save to your computer, send me an email. Include a photograph of your marked temari along with permission to publish it to my blog here. I'll reply to you with a copy of these directions that you can save to your computer or print and file in your temari notebook. I'd love to see your marked temari and stitched ones as well! Send to