Friday, December 18, 2015

Step 4 - marking 42 centers (the last step!)

In Step 3, you added the remaining support lines to your 42 centers temari and you tacked the centers of the C10 diamonds.

Next, check the little triangles. Remember the little triangles? There should still be a pin in the middle of each one. Move that pin around until the lines are crossing through the center. Sometimes, the triangles will look OK; sometimes you'll want to move the pin up or down or sideways just a bit. Just make them the best that you can. Don't fret if some triangles are a little flat or crooked. In the grand scheme of things, you'll hardly see this when you're done. Do this for all the triangles on the ball.

Next, look at the new little hexagons and pentagons. Do the shapes look even? If you have taken care of every little triangle, then the hexagons should look just about perfect. Tack at each pin, removing it from the ball as you go. When you've finished tacking, your marking is complete.


There are 12 small pentagons and 30 small hexagons on this temari with 42 faces. On a 42 faces temari (and all diamond-side based markings), the small pentagons will always line up flat side to flat side. There is one hexagon between the small pentagons. If the small pentagons line up with points facing each other, it is a triangle-side based marking.

42 centers marking complete

Measuring: when I am making a very large temari - say 50cm circumference or so - I do more measuring before adding the support lines. In that case, I'd measure for the diamond centers and check the length of the long lines and short lines. Place a pin in the center to mark the "sweet spot" and then add the wraps. I've noticed that with bigger shapes, I'm not so good at accurately judging that distance by eye. My rule of thumb is to measure when I must! Only then.

So, now the big question: what can you do with it? Well, I might just put it on the shelf and admire it just the way it is! If you want to stitch on it, here are a few suggestions.

This temari is stitched with
 interlocking pentagons and hexagons.
You can do this same design
on 32 centers or 42 centers.
The pattern for this 42 centers
 temari is in my Etsy shop.
Continue adding support lines using the
multiple of 3 method.

I have compiled the directions from this stitch along into one pdf. If you would like a copy to save to your computer, send me an email. Include a photograph of your marked temari along with permission to publish it to my blog here. I'll reply to you with a copy of these directions that you can save to your computer or print and file in your temari notebook. I'd love to see your marked temari and stitched ones as well! Send to

I hope you enjoyed this stitch along!