Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Step 3 - mark 42 centers

It's time to add the remaining guidelines for this 42 centers marking.

Above is a drawing of the temari with the pins in place. A 4-part diamond is highlighted. Your ball should like this now. 

Cut a long length of marking thread. Bring it up at a diamond center as shown in the above drawing. 

Note: keep an eye on the threads crossing at the diamond center to make sure they remain in the center of the diamond. Just do this by eye. 

Wrap a path around the ball that passes through the pentagons. Lay the thread to the OUTSIDE of the pins (relative to the pentagon center). Notice how the path is curvy, not straight like the wraps through the diamonds. You will end up back where you started. 

Pivot to make another wrap - you can place a pin in the diamond center for this purpose. Wrap all the way around the ball passing by the pins as before. When you get back to where you began, you can tack. That intersection is complete and you can tack all threads crossing there and remove the pin.

Continue adding wraps until each diamond center has a 12-way center. As you complete each 12-way center, tack the threads that meet there. These are the centers of the new little hexagons when all marking is complete. 

The last step is to adjust the shapes by eye and do the final tacking. I'll posts those directions in a few days.

If you have any questions, please join the conversation on TemariChallenge Yahoo group.


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