Thursday, August 21, 2014

Playing around with 162 centers temari

I like a 42 centers marking. The hexagons and pentagons always seem more regular (sides the same length and angles the same) than a 32 centers marking. With this one I went one step further and divided the diamond sides by 4 to get 162 centers. Now I'm just playing with design and color as practice for another temari or 2 or 3.

Playing with a new Japanese temari design
Barbara B. Suess

There are lots of things to try on this marking
Barbara B. Suess

Flowers and such!
 Barbara B. Suess

Friday, August 1, 2014

Adorable kitty!

Dorothy made this card and sent it to me recently. It really makes me smile! She says her kitty's name is Katrina and she came from the Humane Society in Savannah. Of course, she loves to play with threads when Dorothy makes temari.

Kitty playing with temari!