Monday, December 14, 2015

Step 2 - marking 42 centers

Taking care of the little triangles (OR placing pins in the sides of the diamonds) 

Pins in place for wrapping for 42 centers.

Remember that I said in my previous post that this 42 centers marking is based on the side of the diamond. Well, it is. You need to place those blue pins (above drawing) in the ball. Yes, sorry, you really do need more pins! Each pin is located at the halfway point along the diamond side. In the past, I would measure the length of that line with my V ruler, divide by 2, and place the pin there. BUT, when I added the thread for the support lines, I noticed that there was always a lot of adjusting to be done. The hexagons that formed were not even on all sides - they were flattened. The pentagons were a bit too large. And it was more that just a pin width so I knew the pin position was not the problem. I realized that I needed to rethink this process and I came up with "taking care of the little triangles." I used to do this after all the measuring by moving the pins. But now I do it as the next step.

Focus on a small triangle. Notice that it has one line through the middle.

1. Right now, your triangle looks like this.
2. Place a pin by eye where you judge the center to be. You can always move this pin later so don't worry about it. Just try to get close.
3. When the pin is in place in the center of the little triangle, it looks like this.
4. After you add wraps in the next steps, your little triangle will look like this.

So now, go ahead and put all the blue pins in the ball.

The next step is to add the remaining guidelines. I'll post that in a few days.

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