Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's great to be back stitching temari!

Plum Blossom temari on a C8 by Barbara B. Suess

It's great to be back stitching temari! This is the first since I had my appendix removed just before Christmas. It took a while to get the energy. Then it took a while to get my concentration back - that surprised me. Doc said that was likely due to the pain and antibiotic meds.
I like to make a new temari from the Japanese books for each JTA lesson even though I've stitched the technique before and could just teach "old" stuff. In Level 2, lesson 11, we will study layered designs on C8s and C10s. I've stitched this plum blossom on a C10 several times. New to me - now I'm making it on a C8, stitching with a double strand of Kyo thread. 

Zoe loves licking the treat out of her Kong bone and says "DO NOT DISTURB"!
Good to be back exercising, eating well, and stitching temari - celebrating life!