Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silk Temari - Kyoto River

Silk Temari - Kyoto River 
I'm slowly getting temari photographed and posted for sale over on This is one of my favorites.

"Kyoto River" 

Stitched with soft silk thread, the orange shades depict fallen leaves. The location is Kyoto by a river on a sunny day. Just a bit of blue and orange sparkle reflect the sun. 

3 inch diameter temari has a core of rice hulls making a soft, huggable ball. A bell box deep in the center of the ball makes a jingly rattle when the ball is gently shaken. To display this work, a thread hanger is attached to the ball. You can also display Kyoto RIver on a stand as a single work of fiber art. Also included are a history of temari and a description of this particular temari, signed by the artist.

Shipping to US locations is included in the price. $65.00