Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More from the Nishijin Textile Center in Kyoto

Our first stop on a Sunday morning was to this colorful textile center in Kyoto. The second floor was filled with thousands of goodies to purchase and demonstrations in spinning, weaving, painting on fabric, embroidery and other textile arts. Of course, the temari grabbed my eye right away!

Temari at the Nishijin Center

This was where I discovered Japanese "happy, happy." That's what I saw in so many places - little items that just made me smile....

This Grandma and Grandpa are favorite characters
Even the kitties smile
Happy, happy weaver
I'm smiling looking at these pictures now. I hope you are too!

I uploaded all my pictures from the textile center into an album online. Enjoy! And be sure to notice the purses, woven wallets, and kimono fashion show.