Thursday, November 17, 2011

Color-Blasted by Chihuly Glass

October 16 flying into Seattle - a serene look at snow covered mountains

Then POW! Kathy and Calvin took Glenna and I to downtown Tacoma. The glass museum was closed but there was plenty to see. BLAST of color from Dale Chihuly!

There are more of my photos of the day on picassa....

In the gift shop at the glass museum, we came across a way to display glass balls. Gee, wonder what we thought would look good instead of those?

It's plexiglass with circular cutouts.

So before we even left for our trip to Japan, I was gathering ideas for future projects. Have a look at Google images for Chihuly. Then go over to Kuler or another color-picker on the web and select a bright palette for temari stitching. That's one of the projects at the top of my list.