Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poinsettia - Flower Temari Challenge

Here's another face done for our temari challenge. This one started with the name red daisy but I switched it to poinsettia whenI discovered that I don't really need any more summer flowers for this temari. I do need one for December, though. We are stitching on a combination 10-division temari that has twelve faces (pentagons) to be filled with flowers. The goal is to select one for each month of the year.

First post on Flower Temari Challenge gives info on making and marking the ball. 


This one is probably hard to figure out without seeing the diagram. Do you see the kite shapes? I've colored one red and one blue.  Since this is a 10 division, there are 10 kite shapes layered around the center intersection. I added 1 row on each at a time until the spaces between them were filled.  All threads are Caron Watercolors.

 1. Stitch support lines: place a pin 2cm out from the center on each of the 10 division lines. Stitch at the pins making a 10-sided shape (dashed line in the diagram).  You will use these support lines when stitching the sides of the kite shapes.

2.  Mark the spots for the stitches taken for the top of each kite shape (the points closest to the center). Measure out from the center 1.5cm and place a pin on each of the ten division lines. Actually, I like to print out a circle guide for this step and just pin it to the center.

3. Mark the spots for the stitches taken for the bottom of each kite shape (those towards the outside of the shape).  Place pins 1.5cm from the outer edge (the triwing stitching).

4. With #078 Pearl, stitch 1 row on each kite - layer the sides of the kites over each other as you work your way around the ball until all 10 kites have one row done.

5. Continue adding rows to each kite, one at a time to make a layered design. Add a total of 5 rows #084 African Sunset on each kite or until the edges touch.

6. With #209 Iris, stitch a herringbone around the outside edge of the kites. Then add spokes across the center, one for each division line.  Stitch a spiderweb backstitch around the center.

 I've got to get busy stitching more flowers - only a few more to go! Are you a member of TemariChallenge Yahoo group? If not, please join us. Other members are adding their flowers and the folder of flower photos is beginning to bulge!

I woke up today to news of the horrible earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and my heart is so sad - I could not watch without tears coming to my eyes.  Our family spent two wonderful, amazing weeks traveling around this beautiful country. There's no place like it on earth.  Let's keep them in our prayers and offer any support we can.