Friday, February 11, 2011

Lantana - Flower Temari Challenge

Lantana is one of my favorite plants for thriving in the hot summer here in North Carolina. When I saw Caron Watercolors #276 Tequila Sunrise, I knew right away it would suit these little flowers that vary in color from hot pink to red to orange and yellow. Use it for all the stitching in this pentagon.

The first post on Flower Temari Challenge gives info on making and marking the ball. 

1. Add support lines in fine metallic green thread. Divide each pentagon short line into 3 sections. Stitch concentric pentagons and then add the remaining support lines like a 122 centers marking.
2. With Caron Watercolors #276  Tequila Sunrise, stitch individual flax designs in the center pentagon and in 5 hexagons surrounding it.  Note that these hexagons line up point to point with the pentagon (not flat side to flat side).   Begin by stitching a pine needle design in each shape.

Then stitch a herringbone for the border of each little flower, taking stitches at the inside points under the pine needle stitches. Place stitches for the outside points just outside the shape. Interlock the outside points with those of other shapes where they cross. For the center pentagon, extend the outside points on the pentagon long lines.

3. With the same thread, stitch a spiderweb backstitch around the center of each flax design (3 rows).
That completes the lantana flowers. I will probably add some leaves or other touches to this design later on - after I've completed all the pentagons. Then I'll be able to see any empty spots that need to be filled with more stitching.

Happy stitching!