Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a small world (how far is it from China to Raleigh?)

New video from Komusume-Rita.  Looks like she was on TV.

I "met" Rita on Facebook in a very roundabout way - an Around-the-World amazing way, through our computers.  I have a Google alert set for "temari" so every now and again, I get an email with links to websites and blogs that include the word.  Most of them are about the Japanese cartoon character Temari, not the thread-wrapped and embroidered handballs that I love so much.  A few months ago, an alert came in to a blog written by an American (I think) living or travelling  in China.  She posted photos and wrote about Rita, who was showing her temari at a craft show.  Not selling them; she was just there to display them.  The blog author had a link to Rita's Facebook page so I raced over there to see her lovely creations.  Of course, it was just a click or two away and I didn't have to go all the way to China.  Too bad, really - I might be up for that!

Lo and behold - look what I found among her temari photos:

Kiku and Fans by Komusume-Rita
Rita travels to Japan where she studies temari.  She had purchased the latest book from the Japan Temari Association that includes one of my patterns.  I love her choice of colors and her display is simply elegant.

Kiku and Fans by Barbara Suess
JTA Level 3 Design

Kiku and Fans by Barbara Suess
JTA Level 3 Design

Here's the cover of the book

Color Coordinated Temari: Seasonal Events
(Irodori no Temari - Saijiki)
by Toshiko Ozaki

Rita has other videos on YouTube.  Search her name KomusumeRita and you'll find some interesting clips of her macramé, beading, and other crafts - so cute!

Thanks for sharing your love of temari on the internet, Rita!  Xie xie!  I can't wait to see more from my kindred sister in China.

'Thank you' in Chinese is 谢谢 or xie xie in pinyin (pronounced 'sheh sheh').


Kindred (adjective): having the same belief, attitude, or feeling.
Sister (noun): a female friend regarded as a sister.