Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rendezvous with Rama?

I like to listen to audio books while stitching and I've noticed that, even though generally I have a poor memory, when I look at a completed temari, a feeling will wash over me. It's the memory of the book! So this experiment that I'm doing with HHG stitching on multi faces will probably evoke the feeling of being in space, inside a cylinder coming to life as it enters our solar system! Rendezvous with Rama is the classic Arthur C. Clarke novel that I am revisiting while I stitch.

Last week, in class at Campbell Folk School, Pam and Karen asked to learn multi center markings and also to learn the path for HHG stitching. We combined them and they stitched an HHG path on a 92 faces temari they had just marked. I had remembered doing this for my book Temari Techniques - it's "Asters" in the book. I remembered that I couldn't completely fill each face by following the HHG path but couldn't remember exactly what I did to make it work. We experimented a bit and Pam (or was it Karen or maybe both!) discovered a very efficient way to make it work. I diligently made notes and vowed to keep track of this technique.

I know you can completely fill in each shape with herringbone stitches following the HHG path on these markings:

I know this marking does not work:

Now that I'm home, I decided to mark some more multi faces temari and experiment with the HHG path. Although I realize there is no particular design difference in a 272 faces temari vs a 362 faces temari that is covered with HHG stitching, I'm overcome with curiosity! The experiment I did about a year and a half ago is much more valuable for seeing the design differences in various multi faces markings. 

I'll report back on my results when I've returned from my with Rendezvous with Rama.

272 faces marked with Neon Green Maxi Lock thread.
C10 to 32. Then multiple of 3 method (M/3) to 92.
Then M/3 method to 272. 
Beginning the HHG path. So far so good!
362 faces marked with Dual Duty pink thread.
C10 to 42. Then multiple of 3 method (M/3) to 122.
Then M/3 method to 362.

Beginning the HHG path. So far so good!