Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intricate marking for multicenters

These temari beauties have always intrigued me. A few years ago we studied multicenter temari and the multiple of 3 method of marking in our TemariChallenge Yahoo group. Our inspiration was the book Edo Temari from Japan (pages 70 - 71). 

Now in a new book from Japan, Dream in Temari Four, there is more about this type of marking (pages 52 - 56). I'm so inspired by these new temari that I've pulled out my old notes and have started experimenting again. 

I decided to make two temari, both the same size and to stitch them with the same thread with the same process. I really wanted a clear picture of the finished marking - to see differences and similarities for future designs. I started one with 32 centers and the other with 42 centers; then I continued stitching using the multiple of 3 method to further subdivide the temari. You can see how to mark 32 and 42 centers temari in my book Temari Techniques. Here is the result!

Multicenter temari  - 812 (left) and 1082 centers

Step 1 - each ball is 42 cm in circumference and wrapped with navy Maxi Lock thread. For the first temari (812 centers), I began by marking a C10 with Maxi Lock Radiant Turquoise. Call me crazy but I was at our house on the Pamlico River when I got the urge to begin the project. I didn't have any marking thread that was thin enough - or stitching thread either! Looking at them now, I think it's a good thing. The thread clings to the ball (doesn't roll out of place like pearl cotton) and it's easy to use when stitching. It does tangle now and then but with a little care, it's just fine for this type of work.

Step 2 - continue marking with Radiant Turquoise to create 32 centers, use multiple of 3 method to make 92 and once more to make 272 centers. All of this is done with the same Radiant Turquoise thread. 

Step 3 - with Sour Apple Maxi Lock thread, continue using the multiple of 3 method and add lines through all the pentagons. Then add one row through each of the green star points. 

Step 4 - stitch the remaining lines with Dark Turquoise Maxi Lock. You now have 812 centers. 

Here are some pictures I took with my iPad while I was stitching. 

812 centers temari with the pentagon facing front

812 centers temari with a hexagon facing front

I'm already getting lots of design ideas for what to do next! I'll write more on the process for beginning with 42 centers another day. 

Here is a chart from Dream in Temari Four. It shows the number of centers created from different starting points. This is a really handy reference to keep!