Friday, February 24, 2012

Temari Addict Australia - a kindred sister down under

Today, Rebecca uploaded her 400th post to Temari Addict Australia!!

Congratulations, Rebecca. To you and to your group of temari stitching friends and students in Australia. You've made me smile from your very first post.  I love your passion for life - it shows in the stories you've shared with us about your family and friends (including the chickens!). 

And your Aussie slang - so down to earth ....
Definition: cark it
An Australian idiom said to have originated in or before the 1970's. To die, as in don’t tell the kids the budgie carked it. Perhaps it is a play on the standard English word croak ‘to die’, or it may be a shortening of carcass. Cark it also means ‘to fail or break down completely’: my blender’s carked it

ITAD - International Temari Appreciation Day - what a great idea!

All those cute photos. Thanks, Rebecca. And may you post at least 400 more.

Kindred (adjective): having the same belief, attitude, or feeling.
Sister (noun): a female friend regarded as a sister.