Thursday, February 16, 2012

Size matters: big temari balls

Temari on the LARGE side

   Now, now. Calm down. This is not an X-rated blog post!

I'm teaching an online temari class where the ball is 42 cm circumference. Several of the students have spoken up that this is just such a big temari. Almost too big to handle. Well yes, it's a big one, to be sure. A "normal" temari will usually be around 27 or so cm in circumference.

BTW, if you didn't know, we use the metric system with temari because we have to divide the circumference into sections. Try dividing 9 3/4 inches by 24 and you'll find out really fast why we use metric!

When it comes to making temari, the more intricate the design, the larger the ball has to be. Yes, you can stitch with finer thread so the ball doesn't have to be quite so gigantic. But that requires more skill and accuracy in dividing, marking, and stitching. So it's actually easier to use our normal perle 5 cotton and just make a bigger ball.  So if your temari making skills are improving, advancing, and you've got the desire to stitch some intricate, fiber-art quality temari, go large.

Back row from left to right:
1. Bin temari (in a bottle) bought on ebay. From Japan. 50 cm. Stitched with bunka left chained.
2. blue and white big softie! 51 cm bought on ebay. From Japan. Stitched with sewing thread? Styro core with delightful bell box.
3. Another softie! These two came together sold as vintage temari from the 1940's. C8 stitched with coral, pale green and pink sewing thread or maybe three plies of embroidery floss. Also Styro core with lovely bell inside. I want to stitch this pattern - maybe on TemariChallenge with the group.
4. This is the flower sampler temari from the TC group last year. 12 different flowers on a C10. 51.5 cm on a 6" Styro core. Stitched with Caron Watercolors. Most of this is documented on my blog.
5. Another ebay purchase from Japan. 56 cm circumference. Styro core. C10 stitched with bunka left chained. Very flashy with lots of metallic. I don't know how old it is.

Front row from left to right:
1. purple and green all-over from Japan purchased on ebay. Stitched with unchained bunka. I searched for Japanese balls and found this (not under temari). Got it for $20. 51cm on Styro ball.
2. tennis ball
3. I made this one after noticing how the hhg path looks, picking it apart, and putting it back together in colors so it seems to form circles. 45 cm circumference. 122 centers.
4. Great Grandmother Star
5. Grandmother Star (this is the online class)
6. needs a name - 41 cm. rice hull core. 272 centers (I think!). Stitched with perle 8. I made this for Temari Techniques book but didn't use it in the book. Will publish the pattern as soon as I can write it up.
7. TAST the GIANT - 60 cm made on an 8" Styro ball. I am experimenting with embroidery stitches for Sharon B's challenge on this ball.