Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kyoto Kimono Kindred Sister

Headed into Miyama

  You know you're with the expert when you go to Kyoto with Kyoto Kimono!  Nancy spent some time living in Kyoto and took us to many of her favorite places on our trip last fall -  temple markets, workshops with textile artists, meals at wonderful restaurants, and a hotel and ryokan chosen for location and great price.

Now she lives in New York and trades in kimono and other textiles.

Tour info at Kyoto Kimono's website.  Small group, flexible schedule, personal attention - just perfect! If you can get on one of Nancy's yearly tours, you'll love every bit of it. 

I still have, oh - a few hundred, more photos to share from the trip!
Kindred (adjective): having the same belief, attitude, or feeling.
Sister (noun): a female friend regarded as a sister.