TAST (Temari Variation) with Sharon B.

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Did you hear about Sharon's challenge for 2012? I'm going to stitch on temari and will share my efforts here. This ball is huge - the size of a honeydew melon! Definitely the largest I've ever made. But it gives me plenty of room to create a sampler temari to try out Sharon's stitches. I'm using Caron Watercolors thread, unplied to one strand. Click on the photos to see larger ones.

Thanks, Sharon!

Week 32 - cast on stitch
I'm working on another new design and found help in Sharon's TAST again. I love how the cast on stitch is used to make a flower.

Week 30 - oyster stitch
Oyster stitch in the center forms a little flower. This is a really nice way to bulk up a lazy daisy (detached chain) stitch. The temari is a prototype. I'm working up a design that isn't quite there yet!

Weeks 10 through 14 are combined in this triangle.


Week 14 - satin stitch  I was inspired by Mary Corbet's tutorial on stitching dots - they are just too cute! I'd never done satin stitch on temari and, yes, found it a real challenge without access to the wrong side. You have to work everything as a sewing stitch (not stabbed) with temari. This method makes for a wonderful raised dot - so puffy.

Week 13 - time to take a break and have a week off -
Oh, yes! Thanks. I took the week to catch up.

Week 12 - barred and alternating chain stitch
Never done this, never even seen it. This spiky looking version of the adorable chain stitch is not all that hard using Sharon's good photos. I really had to keep my mind on the stitching to get it to turn out right. The inner ring here is barred, with all the long stitches out to one side. The line stitch around the triangle is alternating barred chain stitch. I had seen some of other people's samples and really like the look of stitching barred after barred, in a line, without the regular chain stitch in between.

Week 11 - whipped wheel
Sharon mentions that another name for this stitch is spiderweb backstitch. That's what I've known it as and have done lots of these. Another "TASTer" has a tutorial posted where she combined weaving with whipped version, so I had a go at that. Mine is much messier - I'd blame it on stitching on a ball but that's probably not true!

Week 10 - running stitch
After practicing the running stitch in a small triangle on the ball, I tried it here making circles around the whipped and woven wheel. Not my favorite. But this is all about experimenting, right?

I guess I am feeling the luck of the Irish here near St. Pat's day. I was inspired to make some Celtic designs. First I practiced on the large green temari (see the fuzzy stuff - what a mess!). Then I made a lavender colored ball. I couched dark purple satin cord around the stitched (with perle cotton) tri-wing designs. Then I couched satin cord to form two interlocking trefoils. Fun! I'll add other Celtic designs to this baby tonight while I watch the basketball game on TV.

Detached chain

Herringbone stitching

Cretan stitch on a straight line and as a filling (bright green thread).

Feather stitches filling the triangle


Fly Stitch