Monday, January 30, 2012

Herringbone stitch for temari

Add support lines to help
place stitches at the outside points.

Update - last night I stitched a new temari with this unusual technique of stitching a kiku herringbone at the inside points combined with a wide herringbone at the outside points of the circular motif. I really like the result!

Stitches are placed a little bit apart from each other.
The obi decoration is also
done with herringbone stitching.
In our TemariChallenge Yahoo group, we are making temari with the colors of glass artist Dale Chihuly. Upload a photo to Kuler and let the program select the colors. Here's a picture I took in Tacoma and the colors...

Week 5 stitch for TAST is herringbone! We temari stitchers use this one all the time. Most often it's a kiku herringbone. Sharon challenged us to go beyond what we've done before and try something different. I've never seen it done like this with the outside points made as a wide stitch instead of a sharp point. Needs work to make it neater but I think this will be a keeper.

I added an extra row of blue metallic on top like Sharon's double herringbone, version 2.