Friday, January 27, 2012

Fly Stitch on Temari for Take a Stitch Tuesday

Finally! Yesterday, I was able to relax, watch some Downton Abbey on Netflix and stitch. I realized that I have not stitched for pleasure like this since November when I worked to finish the temari that Takahara Sensei taught us. So nice!

Sharon challenged us to stitch something we'd not done before and since I have used this stitch alot, I looked through her stitch directory and found a lot of variations to try. The border triangle is stitched with reversed fly stitch
and the inside is made of single fly stitches arranged to make a snowflake pattern.

A whole lot of people are posting links to their pictures on Sharon's blog and it's so inspiring. I found someone who did this snowflake or medallion type design. So I just started and then kept adding fly stitches until the triangle was full. Sure would be easier on fabric where you could count and get exact placement for the stitches. I hope that judging stitch placement will improve for me as I go along.