Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Steven Bowe, temari artist

Running into a new temari artist on the internet always makes me smile, especially when the temari are so precisely stitched and artfully executed. I had that pleasure this past weekend and asked Steven if I could share his work here. He said yes and answered some questions from me so we can get to know him. Beautiful temari, Steven! I hope we see lots more from you.
Temari by Steven Bowe
Ok, Q&A makes it easy for me (I still get awkward talking about myself. lol). In addition to Facebook, I have a website as well: stevenbowe.com. It's all the same temari photos, but also my ceramics work.

 - When did you first see/make temari?

I first discovered temari about a year ago. I was searching online for photos of string art and came across temari. I was immediately mesmerized by them - it was an instant connection for me.

 - How did you learn?

I first started learning from websites and then started buying books (including yours). 

 - What are your favorite temari?

My favorite temari tend to be complex and multiface divisions, when the pattern becomes kaleidoscopic and your brain hurts trying to figure out how it was made. I'm equally drawn to patterns that completely cover the mari with overlapping layers.

 - Do you do other types of art? (I know this one!)

Haha! Yes, I worked with ceramics for several years, but am currently on hiatus from it. I've been working with different fiber arts for over 20 years - mainly knitting and spinning, but also crochet, weaving, macrame, and sewing.

 - Do you sell your temari or display them publicly?

I have been making temari on commission for friends. I'm in the process of setting up an online store on my website, stevenbowe.com. It should be live soon. I have not had them on display anywhere.

 - Where do you live?

I live in NYC (Astoria, Queens).