Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Temari Workbook of Divisions and Markings

As I've worked my way through the certification process of the Japan Temari Association, I realized that while I have access to lots of diagrams (I drew them for my books, of course!), other temari stitchers might not have this resource. 

How can you record your work on advanced temari markings without excellent diagrams? Not easy, for sure. I asked our JTA contact in Japan and they did not have a set of diagrams to offer me or anyone else. It's up to the individual teacher to provide them. Well, I think temari stitching should be about stitching, not about improving your computer skills so you can draw a diagram of your own. So I have collected my best diagrams and put them into one pdf - a book you can download for free and use. 

Happily, this book will be distributed in Japan soon! I'm so grateful to be able to give back and help out teachers over there. They will be giving me feedback so I see improvements in the future. Meanwhile, please feel free to download Version 1.0! And send feed back. I'm happy to hear from you.