Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Crystals temari pattern

Temari pattern by Barbara B. Suess

I've finished writing the pattern for this sparkling winter temari! It's short and sweet - just the basics. I realized yesterday that I made this temari from threads in my stash and they are from four different companies. So, instead of subjecting purchasers to a wild chase around the internet to order them or shopping trips to several local needlework shops (not a bad thing of course!), I decided to remake the temari with threads all from Rainbow Gallery. I've asked John to set me up with similar products. AND - how about stitching this one in red for Christmas? We are working on that as well.

It will take a couple of weeks to get the thread and rewrite the pattern to include the new thread choices. Then I'll have it available in my etsy shop with optional thread purchase. The pattern will be $4.99 (instant download). Thanks for your patience!

I've had such good response to my new pattern writing. Thanks so much to everyone who has written requesting patterns! I'm working on them every day. If you have one you'd like to request, send me an email with a photo or a link and I will give it a shot.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Night - A Temari Short Course

New! I've developed an intermediate level temari course from Winter Night, a temari I submitted to the Japan Temari Association for teacher certification. You receive the text by instant download from the shop, work at your own pace, and if you have questions, send me an email. I'll be happy to help!

Please visit my etsy shop to purchase this course.

Temari Course by Barbara B. Suess
Woven Spindles are featured on Winter Night
Combine several herringbone variations to make snowflakes

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joy is Round

"Ingenious little jewels"
Joy is Round
Article on National Geographic
Thanks to Kathy and her sister who found this article, here is a charming story about soccer balls. History (of temari balls) repeats itself thanks to the "joy of round."

"In the 30-odd soccer-loving localities she visited, in countries from South Africa to Ivory Coast, balls are spun into being with whatever’s at hand: rag or sock, tire or bark, plastic bag or inflated condom. Each might last days or months on a field of gravel or hard earth. Wherever Hilltout went, she swapped the store-bought balls she kept in her car for these “ingenious little jewels,” most of which were made by children."

Link to National Geographic article.

Photo Gallery

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rali's Temari Exhibition

Excellent craftsmanship and a beautiful display. Congratulation, Rali!

Have a look at her photos and be inspired.

Rali preparing for her temari exhibition

Rali's JTA certificate and temari on display

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Roll Tide football "temari"

Leola from Foley, Alabama, sent me these pictures of a temari-style football.

All I can say is ROLL TIDE! Great job!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Need thread?

Cones of metallic thread from Rainbow Gallery

I will be placing an order next Monday for 300 yard cones of thread by Rainbow Gallery. Please let me know by Sunday midnight (January 12) if you would like to order. Send an email to
I will let you know the total with shipping and send you an invoice through PayPal or you can send me a check.

Here is a link to the Rainbow Gallery website.

Treasure Braid Petite is $24.75 for a 300 yard spool. This is the finer thread that I use for C10 divisions and all more intricate embroidery.
There are two pages of photographs for this thread.
page 1
page 2
This temari is marked with Treasure Braid Petite high gloss copper (PH13)
Treasure Braid Petite also comes in a high gloss product and is the same price $24.75 per spool.
Here is a link to those colors on the company's website.

300 yard spool of high gloss copper

Nordic Gold is $20.25 for a 300 yard spool. I use Nordic Gold for most temari. It's wonderful for guidelines and for adding more sparkle to the ball.

Temari marked with Nordic Gold

The company will put any of their threads on a spool. I can get a quote for you if you know of other threads you'd like. One of my favorites is Silk Lame Braid #18. This is close to the size of pearl cotton 5.

Get set for stitching in 2014!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Temari Twins

Karen and Jen have a new website!

Karen and Jen, The Temari Twins

I met the "temari twins" when they drove down from Maryland to stitch with me at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. We had a whole week of stitching together. I was so impressed! They came with a mission - to learn as much about temari as they could with patterns and wish-lists in hand.

Temari by Karen and Jen

Their joy and enthusiasm for the craft was certainly contagious and I'm so happy to learn they are teaching workshops and still exploring new patterns. To find out more, visit their website The Temari Twins.

We will be teaching together at Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Falls, Virginia, on Saturday, February 15. Contact Karen and Jen about travelling to you.

Best of luck, Karen and Jen!