Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Temari Twins

Karen and Jen have a new website!

Karen and Jen, The Temari Twins

I met the "temari twins" when they drove down from Maryland to stitch with me at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. We had a whole week of stitching together. I was so impressed! They came with a mission - to learn as much about temari as they could with patterns and wish-lists in hand.

Temari by Karen and Jen

Their joy and enthusiasm for the craft was certainly contagious and I'm so happy to learn they are teaching workshops and still exploring new patterns. To find out more, visit their website The Temari Twins.

We will be teaching together at Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Falls, Virginia, on Saturday, February 15. Contact Karen and Jen about travelling to you.

Best of luck, Karen and Jen!