Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Crystals temari pattern

Temari pattern by Barbara B. Suess

I've finished writing the pattern for this sparkling winter temari! It's short and sweet - just the basics. I realized yesterday that I made this temari from threads in my stash and they are from four different companies. So, instead of subjecting purchasers to a wild chase around the internet to order them or shopping trips to several local needlework shops (not a bad thing of course!), I decided to remake the temari with threads all from Rainbow Gallery. I've asked John to set me up with similar products. AND - how about stitching this one in red for Christmas? We are working on that as well.

It will take a couple of weeks to get the thread and rewrite the pattern to include the new thread choices. Then I'll have it available in my etsy shop with optional thread purchase. The pattern will be $4.99 (instant download). Thanks for your patience!

I've had such good response to my new pattern writing. Thanks so much to everyone who has written requesting patterns! I'm working on them every day. If you have one you'd like to request, send me an email with a photo or a link and I will give it a shot.