Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ancient Ceremonial Lights, a temari class in Japan

Tea and snacks. Temari cookies!
I'm sorting through files in my computer and organizing a bit. What a mess! My problem is that I get distracted from the job when I come across a wonderful memory. Did we really get to go to Japan in 2011 and take lessons from three temari masters? Yes, we did. I still can't believe it. How lucky!

I found a tour that I'd recommend for anyone - Nancy of Kyoto Kimono takes you on a textile tour with sites to see and workshops to attend. You have some free days to fill however you like. For our trip, Glenna worked with our JTA contact in Japan to set up lessons with Itoh Sensei, Takahara Sensei, and Ozaki Sensei. Kathy, Glenna, and I were in heaven! I've written about this special day before. It's worth another post.

Memories of the day trip to Itoh Sensei's house/studio

"Ancient Ceremonial Lights" temari design by our
teacher Itoh-san. This is the temari we came to make.

Pastel version of the temari.
Complicated stitching path! We took photos as we stitched.

Our teacher was so nice and helpful.

Patient, too!

One of her students made this set of dolls as a gift.

Delightful! They made all of us smile.

Close up of the dolls.

Sensei brought out this HUGE temari.

From the left: Kathy, me (Barb), Itoh Sensei, and Glenna

On the way back to the train station,
Kathy (aka Vanna) found the temari cookies!