Monday, April 7, 2014

A new color palette

Jinny Beyer's colors have inspired me since the day my mom gave me Jinny's book Color Confidence for Quilters. Adding "deep dark" was the main message I got, although there is a lot of other color discussion in the book. My visit to Jinny's studio last week, brought it all back. Now, I'm eager to try for the balance of light and dark and the intensity of color that her quilts display. Here's my first try and I must say, I'm pretty pleased with it!

A new color palette for temari
My eye goes right to the the highlight, the light blue row, and then travels down, down, down, into the deep dark. This gives the design movement.

I mentioned to Jinny that I want to stitch Moon Glow on a temari. I have all the colors of thread and it's a work in progress now. Sometimes, I have to break for a little temari experiment like this one, though.

Moon Glow by Jinny Beyer