Monday, August 27, 2012

Want thread? Rainbow Gallery metallics are gorgeous!

I'm going to place an order from Rainbow Gallery for thread on Wednesday, September 5. With the holiday weekend coming up, this will give you plenty of time to have a look at their website and send me your wish list. I should be able to mail thread by September 14.

Here are some prices (shipping to you not included):

Nordic Gold 25 yard card $2.25
Treasure Braid Petite 25 yard card $2.75
Silk Lame Braid 10 yards $3.50
300 yard spool of Nordic Gold $20.25
300 yard spool of Treasure Braid Petite $24.75

I can order any of their thread in 300 yard spools. Prices depend on the type of thread so if you are interested in something other than Nordic Gold or Treasure Braid Petite, let me know and I'll ask the company. You can order any color for spools. They are put up individually. With cards, I have to order six at at time, so if you request an unusual color or type of thread, I'm not sure I'll get it for you, but I'll certainly try.

My favorite colors are Treasure Braid Petite: High Gloss Copper (PH13), Green (PB06), Gold (PB01), Bronze (PB21) and Red (PB07), Water Blue (PB17), Yellow (PB201), Rose (PB24), and Avocado (PB57). For Nordic Gold, my favorite colors are Silver (ND3), purple (ND10), gold (ND2), white pearl (ND4) , red (ND6), green (ND5), bronze (ND15).

Here is the link to Rainbow Gallery. Have a look and send me your wish list ( Let me know if you want me to figure out the shipping cost.