Thursday, August 23, 2012

New DVDs of Temari Class

Summer is winding down and I'm back to work. The last class that I ran online with the Shining Needle Society was Sunflowers temari. As the weeks went by, I stitched more of my favorite temari and made videos of the process for the students - very much an amateur production! I attached a Flip camera to the light by my stitching chair and filmed as I made the temari. Even with the home-made quality, students have given the videos great reviews. During a class, they are available online and many students like to purchase a DVD so they have a permanent copy.

Sunflowers Temari Class now on DVD

My first task after summer trips was to organize the videos and burn them and the class text on to DVDs. There are so many videos that I had to put them onto two disks!

These two DVDs include the 84 page text for the class and these videos:

1. Mark a simple 8 division (13 minutes)
2. Layered triwing and continuous triwing (11 minutes)
3. Interlocked triwing (4 minutes)
4. How to mark a C6 division (11 minutes)
5. Sunflower 1, Week 2 Temari Class (21 minutes)
6. Sunflower 2, Week 3 Temari Class (24 minutes)
7. Sunflower 3, Week 4 Temari Class (29 minutes)

If you took Sunflowers temari class online from me at any time in the past, you can order the DVDs for a reduced price. However, if you missed the class, you can now order the text and videos and work on them at your leisure.

Here is a link to the page on my website that has all the class information.

Sunflowers Temari Class DVDs

Grandmother Star Temari Class DVD

Ah, it's nice to be back to temari work!