Friday, July 29, 2011

Bright and cheery daffodil palette for temari

Daffodil palette for temari

How do you select thread colors when planning your temari? Often, we just look through our stash and grab a few threads that inspire us.
In a previous post, I mentioned how I like to use a photograph to select a palette of colors for thread.  Here's another palette that I designed from a photograph of daffodil blooms and their spring green leaves against a bright blue sky. After using the Kuler web tool to help me select the basic yellow, green, and blue colors, I printed the result and visited my local needlework shop to match thread colors. Alas, the shop no longer exists so now I have to use my thread charts at home. 

DMC colors:
1. 907 light parrot green
2. 905 dark parrot green
3. 727 very light topaz
4. 726 light topaz
5. 972 deep canary
6. blanc white
7. 800 pale delft blue
8. 334 medium baby blue
9. 322 dark baby blue
10. 823 dark royal blue

I always like including a very dark color and very light color to use for contrast. Most thread companies offer a nice range of shades in each of the colors and I like to pick up a few of these so I'll have several options when I get home and begin stitching. 

A pile of temari stitched using the daffodil palette

Are you inspired? Send me your photo and I'll post it.