Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Split Kiku (2 colors, 4 needles)

In a diversion from the flower temari challenge, I'd like to share a new temari with the kiku (chrysanthemum) design stitched in 2 colors. I guess I needed a break from all those flowers!

If you need any help with temari terminology, please have a look at my website glossary and stitch directory. 

Kiku design temari stitched with two colors.

This is a combination 8-division temari (C8), 35cm circumference, with the squares outlined with one row of Caron Watercolors 084 African Sunset. Yes, even though I'm not stitching flowers, I still have that box of Caron threads handy.  I split the 8-part square into 16 parts by adding support guidelines with the same marking thread (a very thin copper).

The inside points for the kiku herringbone design begin 0.7cm from the center (I used a paper circle guide). The outside points begin 1cm from the square's metallic guideline. As I worked my way around the 8-petal kiku that makes up the first layer, I changed colors by starting the new colors with a new needle. Threads: Caron Watercolors 084 African Sunset and 089 Caribbean.  This photo shows the last stitch of this layer made with Caribbean.

8-petal kiku
Next, I stitched the remaining 8 points, changing to the new color and new needle as I worked around the center.  It's a bit tricky figuring out where to stitch with each of the four needles. I planned the design so the "red" thread is used for 5 points, then "green" for 3 points, "red" for 5 points, and finally "green" for 3 points. Here's a shot of the last stitch to complete the first row.

Second part of the 16-petal kiku
Add three more rows with the Caron thread then one row with metallic (Kreinik #16 braid 024 and 029).  I'm not totally satisfied with the centers yet. One option that is shown in the first photo is to use the Kreinik braid to stitch spokes in between the inside kiku points.

View from my window...
spring is on the way in North Carolina!

And my doggie Zoe wants me to get off this computer and go for a walk. Bye for now...