Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's winter in northern Japan

Japanese temari from my book

Did you see the snow falling on the rescuers digging through the earthquake and tsunami rubble in northern Japan? It's cold there now.  Yesterday I got an email from Luana Rubin at about sending quilts to Japan. She is partnering with Mission of Love to ship supplies to the victims of this horrible disaster.  I think this is a wonderful way to reach out personally to help. Luana is working on the logistics and I'll be posting about it as soon as she lets us know. I have an idea for a quilt to give.

I've pulled out a box of old denim jeans from our attic. I was saving them to make quilts and this is the perfect opportunity to use that fabric. It's so simple. Cut squares of denim, place wrong sides together with a print fabric, and sew them together with a 1 inch wide seam. The seams remain on the outside of this quilt. You clip the seams, wash and dry the quilt, and the seams get all fluffy when they fray. I bet some kids in Japan would love quilts like this. Denim - made in America - I'll attach a small temari and hope they'll know how much I care.
Denim squares backed with orange print fabric.
No, the cat's not real!

Be back soon with more details on the quilts.

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