Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Need thread? Metallic thread? Silk?

We'll be ordering from Rainbow Gallery next Monday, August 24 . Would you like us to get some thread for you? They will make special put-ups on cones for any of their thread. After placing the order, it usually takes about a week to get it and another few days to package it and get it in the mail to you.

I usually order 300 yard cones of some of my favorites. 

Nordic Gold (limited colors available now- good size for general marking) - $22.25 for 300 yard cone

Gold Rush XS (similar to Nordic Gold in size) - $24.00 for 300 yard cone

Temari marked with Nordic Gold (ND3 silver)
by Barbara B. Suess
Treasure Braid Petite (finer for more intricate markings) - $$24.75 for 300 yard cone

first page of colors

second page of colors

This temari is marked with Treasure Braid Petite high gloss copper (PH13)
by Barbara B. Suess

If you'd like to get in on the order, please send your wish list by midnight, Sunday, August 23. Remember that you can request any of their threads and we'll get a quote for you on the 300 yard cone. If you'd like more than 300 yards on your cone, you can request that, too.

Please send your request to:

Include the brand name and color number (for example, Nordic Gold ND3 - silver).

Dana Watson is handling sales now and will reply to you.


Happy stitching,
Barb Suess