Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new pattern! Pink Christmas Cactus Temari

Pink Christmas Cactus temari pattern by Barbara B. Suess is available now

Pattern available for instant download in the shop.

This simple 10 division temari is an intriguing woven puzzle. At first glance, it appears to be stitched the same as a 5-point star, but look closer and you will see kiku herringbone designs that intertwine in an unusual way!

I love etsy's instant download feature! As soon as your payment goes through, you receive an email with a link with directions on how to download the pattern. Save it to your computer to use. Zoom in to the photos on the pdf to see every minor detail. Print a copy if you like.

I really enjoyed stitching this temari! It was a request from a temari stitcher in Australia. If you would like to request a pattern, just let me know.

Pink and green diamonds interlock around the equator
in a new temari pattern by Barbara B. Suess