Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Echiro Temari - Book Give-Away!

Echiro Temari, a book in Japanese
Echiro Temari No ISBN. 68 pages. Published in 2005.

This is a small hardback book published to showcase the work on a temari teacher from Echiro. There are many striking black and white designs like these on the cover and also a series of traditional blue and white temari. There are no diagrams. This is a collection of photographs of intricately stitched temari.

When we went to Tokyo last fall, Sensei Ozaki gave each of us a copy of this book. I've already got a copy and decided right away to give it away here on my blog. Finally, six months later, here we go!

1. To enter to win this book, post a comment before Sunday, June 10, midnight, EST (US east coast).
2. Be sure that your name is given. Do not put your email unless you want it displayed here.
3. Tell me why you like to make temari. Use lots of adjectives! How does stitching them make you feel? Do you love to give them away or get satisfaction from selling them? What's your motivation?
4. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list. I have a new service for this just last week. If you aren't sure, then please fill out the contact form on my website.
5. On the morning of Monday, June 11, check back here and I'll announce the winner.

Good luck!

[Update Wednesday, May 29 - I'm so impressed with the eloquence of your comments! You've captured my feelings about making temari too. Keep them coming.
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