Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese Temari Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Are you feeling the rush to get ready? I sure am. There are so many people shopping online this year. I'm busy almost every day with my shop, trying to get temari and supplies in the mail and photographing more temari to add to the group for sale in my shop on Thank you so much to everyone who helped me move "stash" from my place to yours with a purchase. The sale was a huge success and I've sorted my stitching supplies and can actually find things around here again.

Now, I'm doing the same with my finished creations. Bins of temari that were stashed in closets have been emptied and sorted. There are now 66 temari on etsy and I still have another box of about 30 to photograph and list in the next few days. I hope you'll consider visiting the shop and sending your friends there as well. How do I price my temari? Simply by how much time it takes me to make them. Here's the link

Online Class with the Shining Needle Society
Several students requested a run of Grandmother Star online class, so that's where we are beginning 2012. This is an advanced class about multicenters temari based on the 6-part triangle. Sign up is open now. This time, you can choose between purple or blue threads. If you have taken this class from me before and want to audit this time, let me know. The audit fee is $25. I'm adding videos but everything else is about the same as before.

Local Beginner Class
If you live near Raleigh, NC, and want a beginner class, please let me know. I'll refer you to Dana who is setting up a class nearby. Should be a good one!

Happy stitching and happy holidays to you,

Barb Suess