Friday, May 20, 2011

Good news, bad news

Drawers full of gorgeous metallics!
So, which would you like first?

The bad news is for those of us who live in Raleigh - TWO local needlework shops closed at the end of last year! I am really at a loss for making quick purchases when I'm feeling inspired and need to stitch with a particular thread right away   :(

Yes, that is a big frown  :(

The good news is for you. Since I'm spoiled and really want to have my choice of thread available to me when I get the urge to use it, I decided to place a wholesale order for my favorite Rainbow Gallery metallics. It has all arrived and I'm in heaven!

They are all listed in the shop on my website so I can share my stash with you.

Knowing that we temari makers need lots of metallic for marking and adding sparkle to our creations, I ordered some 300 yard spools of the ones we use the most. Save some bucks by ordering the spools.
Nordic Gold cards of 25 yards each in lots of colors:
Gold (ND2), Silver (ND3), Bronze (ND15), White (ND4), Red (ND6), Green (ND5), and of course Purple (ND10)

Nordic Gold spools of 300 yards each:
Gold (ND2) and Silver (ND3)

Treasure Braid Petite in cards of 25 yards each:
Gold (PB01, Silver (PB04), Red (PB07), Green (PB06) and High Gloss Copper (PH13).

Treasure Braid Petite spools of 300 yards each:
Gold (PB01), Silver (PB04, and High Gloss Copper (PH13).

A temari maker's dream - so many metallics!

More good news? Sure, why not? When I was organizing my stash, I realized that I still have some jewelry left from 2003-2004. It's already "Kristy-from-Australia" approved. She ordered a couple of pins and let me know how much she likes them. When I travel to teach for EGA guilds, the ladies snap up the pins, charms, and earrings so fast. And, since I ran across this stash of jewelry that I forgot about, I think I will include pins in the kits that I supply for my online classes. Well, I will include them if the jewelry stash holds out until the next class, that is.

The jewelry has it's own special page on my website

and is also listed a ways down on the shop page.

Four different designs for pins, charms, and earrings

I loved working with Kathy Hewitt, my good temari buddy, to design and order this series of four different temari jewelry designs. If you know Kathy, I'm sure you can see her touch in the lovely lines of each design and in the description that is so meaningful.

Maybe I should clean out more often! If you want to order an assortment of lots of thread and/or jewelry pieces, ask me for a discount. I'm sure to give it to you as I know you are a kindred sister (or brother) temari stitcher addicted to my favorite craft.