Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilt for Japan - finished and sent!

It's been a long time since I made a quilt and finished it so quickly. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Luana of Equilter.com asked for donations of finished quilts to be sent to Mission of Love. They are putting together a container full of all sorts of things to be given to the disaster victims. I made a blue jean quilt with raggedy seams on the outside. It was so much fun to make and easy!

Blue jean quilt with some temari touches
Of course, I couldn't resist adding a few touches of temari...

From my stash: a temari that was embroidered by machine
The note got slipped into the pocket
and the temari hooked over the button closure.

I used assorted squares of orange and yellow fabric for the "flat" side of the quilt. Here's a brief list of the process to make a quilt that is 10 squares by 14 squares:

1. Cut 140 squares denim from old blue jeans. Each square should be 6" on a side.
2. Cut 140 squares of assorted cotton and/or flannel fabric also 6" on a side.
3. Pair up a square of denim with a square of cotton, wrong sides together. Treat this as one piece of fabric. Make another 9 sets for the first row. It's 10 squares across.
4. Sew the sets together with about 3/4" seams. They can be a little bigger but not smaller. You'll be clipping them later. Make sure all the seams are on the same side. Make sure all the denim is on the same side.
5. Stitch together 13 more rows.
6. Stitch all the rows together. Stitch around the outside of the quilt to stabilize the edges. Add pockets or other decoration. Some people will decorate each square set with applique as they are paired.
7. Clip all seams, spacing the clips about 1" apart. You can buy a special tool for this at fabric stores. I highly recommend it!
8. Wash and dry the quilt at least six times. After each wash, take the quilt outside and shake off all the little threads. Tumble dry and clean out the filter several times during each cycle.
9. Give it away!