Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Steven Bowe, temari artist

Running into a new temari artist on the internet always makes me smile, especially when the temari are so precisely stitched and artfully executed. I had that pleasure this past weekend and asked Steven if I could share his work here. He said yes and answered some questions from me so we can get to know him. Beautiful temari, Steven! I hope we see lots more from you.
Temari by Steven Bowe
Ok, Q&A makes it easy for me (I still get awkward talking about myself. lol). In addition to Facebook, I have a website as well: stevenbowe.com. It's all the same temari photos, but also my ceramics work.

 - When did you first see/make temari?

I first discovered temari about a year ago. I was searching online for photos of string art and came across temari. I was immediately mesmerized by them - it was an instant connection for me.

 - How did you learn?

I first started learning from websites and then started buying books (including yours). 

 - What are your favorite temari?

My favorite temari tend to be complex and multiface divisions, when the pattern becomes kaleidoscopic and your brain hurts trying to figure out how it was made. I'm equally drawn to patterns that completely cover the mari with overlapping layers.

 - Do you do other types of art? (I know this one!)

Haha! Yes, I worked with ceramics for several years, but am currently on hiatus from it. I've been working with different fiber arts for over 20 years - mainly knitting and spinning, but also crochet, weaving, macrame, and sewing.

 - Do you sell your temari or display them publicly?

I have been making temari on commission for friends. I'm in the process of setting up an online store on my website, stevenbowe.com. It should be live soon. I have not had them on display anywhere.

 - Where do you live?

I live in NYC (Astoria, Queens).

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Temari Workbook of Divisions and Markings

As I've worked my way through the certification process of the Japan Temari Association, I realized that while I have access to lots of diagrams (I drew them for my books, of course!), other temari stitchers might not have this resource. 

How can you record your work on advanced temari markings without excellent diagrams? Not easy, for sure. I asked our JTA contact in Japan and they did not have a set of diagrams to offer me or anyone else. It's up to the individual teacher to provide them. Well, I think temari stitching should be about stitching, not about improving your computer skills so you can draw a diagram of your own. So I have collected my best diagrams and put them into one pdf - a book you can download for free and use. 

Happily, this book will be distributed in Japan soon! I'm so grateful to be able to give back and help out teachers over there. They will be giving me feedback so I see improvements in the future. Meanwhile, please feel free to download Version 1.0! And send feed back. I'm happy to hear from you.

Is there a Mr. Barb in my future?

Hmmm - Laura at Creative Thimble (https://www.facebook.com/thecreativethimble) has her "Mr. Laura" helper. I wonder if I can groom my own version - Mr. Barb? He's packing kits and smiling!

Friday, March 27, 2015

New C10 rulers from Japan

New rulers for temari from JapaneseTemari.com

Temari stitching has been around for so long, you'd think there would never be any new tools or techniques. So I was surprised to get the email from our contact at Tentemari (Ai) that she has new rulers that can be used to mark a combination 10 division!

These are flexible with sticky backs and are designed to be used with the marking method for the C10 that begins with the simple 4 division. You put your S4 pins in place, line up the ruler, stick it to the ball, and put your C10 pins in place. Then you can use your favorite method for wrapping the C10 guidelines.

I will be placing an order for these on April 1. If you would like one (or some), please respond to me ASAP and let me know where you live and how many of each you would like.

Cost before postage:

short rulers $1.50 for the set of 2 (top in the photo)
long rulers $2.00 for the set of 2 (bottom in the photo)

I have written detailed instructions on how to use the new ruler and will send you a copy by pdf.

Temari nerd? Yes! I am because I am excited to use this new tool. My favorite way to mark the C10 is beginning with the S4 and I like this new gadget.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

More new temari patterns...

Snowflakes Original Temari Pattern by Barbara B. Suess

Snowflakes Original Temari Pattern by Barbara B. Suess

Then there is Daffodils

Daffodils Temari Pattern by Barbara B. Suess

Hmmm.... what shall I finish up and publish next?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fully stocked temari shop!

Thread set for temari at JapaneseTemari.com

Thread set for temari at JapaneseTemari.com

Thread set for temari at JapaneseTemari.com

Temari for sale by Barbara B. Suess

Temari for sale by Barbara B. Suess

Temari for sale by Barbara B. Suess

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March temari calendar - ready now!

Quick morning project for me. I added a little calendar to a photo for my desktop. Yes, the temari are resting on a chair. It happens to be on the front porch of the old farmhouse at the Campbell Folk School. Feel free to download and enjoy for yourself.